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Spinal Tap Back From The Dead CD/DVD

Spinal Tap Back From The Dead CD/DVD

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Great condition and complete!

Track listing:

  1. Tonight I Am Going To Rock You Tonight
  2. Back From The Dead
  3. (Funky) Sex Farm
  4. Rock 'N' Roll Creation
  5. Jazz Oddyssey I
  6. Gimme Some Money
  7. Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare
  8. Heavy Duty
  9. America
  10. Jazz Oddyssey II
  11. ()Listen To The) Flower People (Raggae Stylee)
  12. Hell Hole
  13. Big Bottom
  14. Celtic Blues
  15. Jazz Oddyssey III
  16. Warmer Than Hell
  17. Stonehenge
  18. Short And Sweet
  19. Cups And Cakes